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Invitation to an informal chat on Koodali

Jyothi garu proposed this idea and I thought that would be cool.

She has the details in her blog.


Non-bloggers are welcome too.

It is not like we are all experts here on global warming, solutions, etc.
We are here to learn as well.

Do your own research – there are many resources out there on the internet.
I’ve provided links to several blogs, lightsout initiatives and other global warming related information in previous posts in this blog.

Here is another one:
This is the official campaign site by former US vice-President, Nobel Peace prize winner and activist-extraordinnaire, Al Gore.

Bring your questions, thoughts, suggestions, and resolutions.

See you there on Saturday.


3 Responses

  1. dayachEsi ikkaDa telugulO maatramE maaTlaaDukOvaalani manavi.

  2. దయచేసి ఇక్కడ తెలుగులో మాత్రమే మాట్లాడుకోవాలని మనవి.

  3. naa blognu koodalilo jataceyadaaniki a mail addressku mail pampali koodali.org ku pampite error vastundi please help me

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