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Global Warming : Why it is everyone’s family affair

మొదలైన నాటి నించీ ఉన్నతమైన ప్రమాణాలతో కొనసాగుతున్న బ్లాగుల్లో శ్రీ తాడేపల్లి లలితా బాల సుబ్రహ్మణ్యం గారి కలగూరగంప ఒకటి. నిశితమైన పరిశీలన, హేతుబద్ధమైన విశ్లేషణ, విశాలమైన ఆలోచన, నిర్మొహమాటమైన రచన వీరి స్వంతం.
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Like many other terms which were once strictly confined to the circuit of science, but later found their way into common parlance, the phrase ‘global warming’ is a recent addition to our global vocabulary too. There are many such other terms in recent times which engage the attention of comman man, all for wrong reasons, all brought about singularly by man’s vices, his greed and excesses.


The catastrophes in store on account of global warming are all there for everyone’s guess. They need no introduction or repeat emphasis. Apart from the obvious increase in climatic temperatures and the sea level, we will be forced to cope up with erratic seasons, disappearance of glaciers, icebergs, river streams, fall of agriculture and the resultant mega migrations as also the consequent threat to the conventional habitats of wild life and their food chain. It was all well-documented.


It is no single person’s or nation’s making. We are all collectively involved in this environmental havoc being the potential stakeholders in this polluting version of civilization. Our favourite gadgets and gizmos are involved. Our jobs are involved. Our habits and hobbies are involved. Paradoxically, lifestyles are flourishing, but life itself is diminishing. The root-cause lies in utilizing nature not for survival but for commerce, in depleting life- resources without waiting for them to regenerate themselves, in not feeling answerable to the future generations.


Curiously, even at a critical jucture as this, perceptions on global warming differ, with some scientists deeming it to be a periodical phenomenon occurring at regular intervals of time, say, for every few thousand years, having nothing to do with human activity. Similarly, the slowly advancing spike in temperatures can be felt more in the cold regions of the Northern hemisphere than other parts of the world in the initial stages, prompting the latter to take a lenient view of the problem. They tend to treat the year-by-year soaring of temperatures as a case of usual vagaries of weather until it begins to significantly tell on their farm yields. Besides, you should have a better model of life in your mind to be able to disagree with your immediate present. The younger generation of our times which constitutes more than half of the world population does not know what the world looked like before 1970. They were born and brought up on the lap of pollution. They wonder “What on earth are these old fogies worried about, while everything out there is perfectly hunky dory with spanky sports cars, sleek laptops and smart mobile phones ?” Putting an end to pollution sounds like putting an end to civilization.


Let’s trace the chain of global warming which is brought about by pollution. In its turn, pollution is caused by commercial/massive scale production which is driven by rank consumerism. Therefore, the the entire debate finlly boils down to us, the consumers. As eco-conscious consumers, we need to voluntarily boycott certain products like plastics and other polymers, fossil fules, chemical based medicines and toilet products as also farm produce grown on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. At the risk of being dubbed as a misfit in the 21st century, I dare dream of a day when we muster enough courage to shed our modernist pretesions and inhibitions and start using animal energy for our transport needs.

Tadepalli Lalitha Bala Subrahmanyam, Hyderabad.


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