Switch that A/C Off, Will Ya!

సుమధుర సంగీత రసాస్వాదనకి శ్రీకారం చుట్టిన శ్రీరాం మాటలు విందాం.
*** *** ***

As a kid, I never slept during the day time. It was unexplainable to me, why the people in my ancestral house where we vacationed in the summer, almost all of them had to have a good two to three hour siesta during those scorching hot afternoons. As for me, I used to roam around in our backyard under the big neem tree or any one of those mango trees. The ceiling-fan cooled house could never offer the same comfort to my body and pleasure to my mind.

Today, as I look through the window of my apartment on a hot weekend afternoon, I hardly find the same motivation to go out of this room in to the polluted environment outside. My mind reacts and pushes my hand towards the remote control of the air conditioner. And as the body is comforted by the cool breeze coming out of the machine, it doesn’t let the mind think and realize that I am actually heating up my surroundings.

And the fault is not entirely mine. The world is not the same it was a couple of decades ago. It is a lot more urbanized and industrialized. Most of its greener patches have been replaced by concrete structures. The growing need for energy by the myriad varieties of electronic contraptions that were aimed to make the life more and more easy for we humans, has caused a lot of adverse impacts. The Natural resources of this earth are fast vanishing and we are forced to venture in to unsafe options like Nuclear energy. And the result is not strange, the greenhouse gases now are at the highest levels in the last six lakh years and global warming has become an alarmingly dangerous issue. Heck, keep running that air conditioner for some more time!

But on a serious note, is there a way out of this vicious circle we got voluntarily trapped into? Whatever may be the means, we should do the repair work for whatever damage our generation has caused to the earth and its surrounding environment. We will not be pardoned by the future generations otherwise.

There are many things that are suggested by the scientists and various organisations that would help this cause. And in today’s world, its so easy to get to know this information. The onus is on us to know and to act.

So my dear fellow men and women, as a first step, use your thumb to switch those power-guzzling contraptions off whenever you don’t need them. That simple act shouldn’t cause you much stress. After all, with all those remote controls you got used to, thumb is the most exercised part of your body!:-)


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