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Bangalore Warming!!!

ఏ విషయమ్మీదనైనా తెలుగులో ఛందోబద్ధ పద్యాల్ని విలాసంగా పూయించే రాఘవ గారు ఈ విషయమ్మీద మాత్రం ఆంగ్లంలో మండిపడుతున్నారు.

Global Warming from the perspective of a Bangalorian:

Global Warming. This word is floating around the globe for long, but I am sure people in Bangalore will notice and understand it better. Perhaps better than those from many other cities in India. Any one, who has been in Bangalore for the past five years would be the right person to give an account of how hot Bangalore these days is compared to what it was earlier. Many among the new comers feel like kicking those who suggest that Bangalore is very good climate-wise and is not (so) hot.

To reason out is a simple task even from a layman’s perspective. More people, more vehicles, more corporate offices, more power requirement, more greenery depletion. These need no explanations.

I want to mention one sad thing which bothers me a lot. I am sad that even I am a victim of this. Somehow most of us (referring to present day Indians) started working till late in the night and as a result getting up late in the morning. This vicious bad habit is bad at least threefold. First, the good habit of waking up early in the morning is totally gone and along with it vanishes the mental peace and tranquility. Second, the biological clock is totally distorted which is bad from a health point of view. Third, and not the least in terms of its importance, unnecessary wastage of electricity occurs due to working during nights. I feel everyone should make a serious thinking in this regard. We should stop believing in ignorance is bliss. For every step we take, we should understand how its outcomes are going to be.

A relatively lesser percentage of people is bothered about our next generations to come. People would certainly care for themselves. The attitudes of people would certainly have been different had the life spans are more, in which case they would think ahead about decades to come. Unless people start realizing how worse it is going to be for future generations, little change can be expected.


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